15 Home Remedies For Puffy Eyes

Bright, dazzling eyes catch people’s attention. Red or puffy eyes are unattractive and give you a worn-out appearance. Home remedies for puffy eyes can help with this most prevalent of cosmetic issues. Fluid buildup around the eye is a common cause of puffiness.

What Causes Puffy Eyes in the Morning?

You may experience puffy eyes in the morning in addition to sleeping on your face, weeping, or lack of sleep, if you’re menstruation or pregnant, experiencing fluid retention, eating salty food, or drinking water less than two hours before bed.

Puffy eyes are another name for swelling in the tissues around the eyes, which occurs below the eyes. They are also known as eye bags, and there are various causes of them. Your eyes may appear puffier in the morning due to the accumulation of fluid in the skin beneath the eyes.

When you wake up in the morning with swollen eyes, there are several possible causes, including exhaustion, lack of sleep, dehydration, allergies, and genetics.

Eye puffiness can also result from the ageing process of the skin. This is due to the fact that as we get older, the skin becomes less elastic, which weakens the face muscles. You can get puffy eyes from weeping, stress, crying a lot, and too much sun.

Rubbing makes your eyes puffier and aggravates inflammation. Do not touch your eyes when they appear puffy unless you need instant relief.

home remedies for puffy eyes

Home Remedies For Puffy Eyes

#1 Cucumber and potato are the greatest natural nutrients for reducing swollen eyes. Slice up a small, raw potato or cucumber, then mix the pieces until they are very fine. Reserve the pulp while straining the extra juice.

#2 Brew a cup of basil tea, then thoroughly combine it with the pulp. Fill an ice tray with the mixture, then freeze it. Dab the ice cube on your closed eyelids for a while whenever you have swollen or red eyes. Gently rinse your eyelashes, then pat them dry.

home remedies for puffy eyes

#3 Gently press the area around the eye socket and along the brow bone using your middle finger. The lymphatic system will be stimulated and assisted in removing extra fluid by this. Swelling will lessen.

#4 Put a round metal spoon in your refrigerator for a short period of time. Take it out when it becomes cold, and for a few minutes, press the rounded end on your eye. This aids in minimising puffiness.

#5 Add two teaspoons of water to a glass of mineral water to make your red or sore eyes look bright and healthy. 3–4 times a day, immerse your eyes in this solution.

#6 Apply a cold compress to your eyes, such as ice cubes in a washcloth or a cloth dipped in cold water. Dip the cloth again in cold water or add more ice when it starts to feel warm. Repeat this at least four or five times, or until you notice a reduction in the puffiness under your eyes.

#7 Tighten skin around closed eyelids by placing cold tea bags wrapped in tissue on them. This also helps with puffiness. Tea’s natural astringent, tannin, is extremely effective.

#8 To minimise swelling, apply strips of shredded potato or cucumber under the eyes.

home remedies for puffy eyes

#9 Dip a cotton wool pad in chilled milk or icy water. Lay down and cover your closed eyes with wet pads. If the pads get warm, replace them. Keep going until the puffiness is reduced. Your eyes’ whites get brighter as a result.

#10 Your body will keep hydrated and lessen the puffiness around your eyes if you drink enough water.

#11 Ensure that you obtain adequate rest in regular patterns. More than any other aspect of the body, inadequate sleep is most visible in the eyes. The act of sleeping calms the eyes and lifts weariness.

#12 Cool rose water is applied to cotton wool pads. Use these to cover closed eyelids as eye pads.

#13 Vigorously whisk some egg whites. Include one or two drops of witch hazel. Use a brush to apply to the face and the area around the eyes. The skin will feel firmer and appear less saggy as a result.

home remedies for puffy eyes

#14 It will prevent fluids from collecting around your eyes if you sleep with your head up.

#15 Steer clear of salty meals like chips, pickles, and alcoholic beverages. These collect fluids that collect around the eyes.

#16 Did you know that almond oil, which is fantastic for skin and hair, can also be used to treat puffy eyes? Yes, this vitamin E-rich oil is really effective at decreasing under-eye bags. Do you want to know how to use almond oil to get rid of puffy eyes?

Before going to bed, just massage the under-eye area for 20 to 30 minutes with almond oil. It promotes better blood flow to the area around the eyes and lessens puffiness. If you want to see a difference, give it two weeks.

#17 Smoking is bad for your health, but it’s also bad for the condition of your skin. Your face’s skin may get weaker and drier as a result, resulting in wrinkles under your eyes. Additionally, it makes your eyes appear droopy, and do you really want that?

Simply break the habit! To maintain a healthy physique and beautiful skin, refrain from using nicotine.

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