8 Home Cold And Flu Remedies

The flu season is upon us,we hear this every winter. We hold our breath and hope that we don’t get it, on the other hand, others choose inoculation. Unfortunately,hope and inoculation don’t always protect us from getting the flu. If you are struck down with the flu, it can knock you down for up to two weeks. The good news is that there are many proven,home cold and  flu remedies.

Here are a few of them:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Research studies have concluded that the flu enters the body through our ear canals. If you’re able to diagnose your symptoms within the first couple of hours, try placing five drops of hydrogen peroxide in each ear every few hours.

The peroxide kills the virus before it has the opportunity to take hold and multiply. You may still suffer mild flu symptoms for a few days, however that’s much better than the standard two-week recovery period.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver,is a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver,and is used as a natural antibiotic and antiviral. Doctors believe it has the ability to fully eliminate an enzyme that bacteria and viruses need to survive in your body.

Similar to hydrogen peroxide, the recommended time to use colloidal silver is right when you first notice flu-like symptoms.

Colloidal silver


Elderberry,is an antioxidant, that is commonly used to boost immunity, however research also shows it may work as an antiviral. Therefore during the flu season elderberry supplements, such as elderberry juice,capsules or syrup may be able to help you avoid the flu.

If mild symptoms persist, elderberry may help shorten your recovery time.

Home Cold And Flu Remedies


Oscillococcinum,manufactured in France,is a homeopathic product that’s sold in health food stores around the world – particularly during flu season. Homeopathic comes from the principle that,the body can cure itself.

Oscillococcinum is made from diluted parts of the hearts and livers of ducks, which are believed to be particularly vulnerable to influenza viruses.Oscillococcinum will only shorten the duration of the flu once you’ve caught it, it does not prevent the flu.

Home Cold And Flu Remedies


Thyme,contains bitter compounds and essential oils. These are thought to contribute to its immune supporting and antiseptic actions. The thyme leaf is warming to the body and specifically stimulates the lungs.

Thyme is traditionally used to relieve congestion and expel mucous from the lungs. It is an highly effective cough suppressant, therefore its inclusion in many cough syrups.

Home Cold And Flu Remedies


Pelargonium is a herb that has been used in Africa for centuries.It contains anti-viral andimmune-stimulating activity. Pelargonium is used for treating colds and flu, as well as acute bronchitis in children.

An advantage of pelargonium is its pleasant taste.

Home Cold And Flu Remedies


Echinacea,is an natural herbal remedy often used to prevent and treat colds and flu,and has been shown to shorten the duration for flu sufferers. There are many forms of Echinacea.

The leaves, flowers and stems of Echinacea purpurea, seem to have the most effect. The recommended dosage of Echinacea, usually in capsule form, is every two to three hours immediately after recognizing symptoms.

home cold and flu remedies

Drink hot tea to clear congestion and ease throats

Around the world, drinking various hot tea varieties is a common home remedy for colds.

Drinking hot drinks will help you stay hydrated, which is important for fighting viral infections, as well as ease congestion and soothe your throat and nasal mucosa. Here are a few different types of calming tea to help with colds and coughs.

Passion fruit and onion tea

Two passion fruit and one medium onion should be cut in half and boiled for ten minutes in around four cups of water. Remove all the liquid after straining. Add honey to make it sweet.

Tea with ginger

Add fresh or powdered ginger to boiling water. Drink it after letting it steep.

Tea with garlic

Families in rural Mexico brew a hot beverage, such as lemon tea, then generously garnish it with onion or garlic. Although it doesn’t taste the nicest, it is an infection fighter.

Tea with cinnamon

Hot water mixed with cinnamon and honey is a go-to remedy for colds in metropolitan Mexico.

India’s “golden milk”

A teaspoon of turmeric is then added after bringing a cup of milk to a simmer. Before consuming, stir.

Mali lemon leaves

Lemon leaves should be boiled before being combined with some hot sugar.

home cold and flu remedies

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